Psychosomatic (physio)therapy

People with chronic pain, stress-related persistent complaints following for example after (car) accidents, unexplained or recurrent symptoms are often desperate. Medical examination and (body) therapies have not brought sufficient or any relief in many cases.

Often, these complaints are related to a disturbance of the balance between physical and mental load in relation to living conditions. The interaction is not always clear. When the reduced physical condition and the life load persist, the Psychosomatics complaints can become stronger and even become chronical.

How do you get back in balance?
Together with you, I investigate what these physical and psychological complaints mean mentally, emotionally and spiritually. After this survey, we determine your therapy goals and we make a treatment plan to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. When all relevant aspects of your life circumstances are reviewed, we focus on your abilities. You will learn to use these, so you yourself can restore and maintain your balance.

Sometimes the help of other professionals is necessary in the approach of Psychosomatics complaints. In that case I work together with other experts, such as general practitioners, medical specialists, psychologists and / or occupational physicians. With interim assessments and reports we match the treatment plans to each other, so the chance of (full) recovery increases.

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