Trauma healing, life coaching and psychosomatic therapy

Trauma and other symptoms - physical or psychological - can greatly affect our life. We can use the interaction between body and mind to reduce or even eliminate our complaints.

Lianas connect the various layers of life in the jungle. We, human beings, have a similar layer like structure. Together we explore your feelings, thoughts and physical condition. In this way we discover the core of what you want to achieve, and use the goals set by yourself to get started.

In all cases, we focus on your possibilities. This positive and loving approach to help you, is founded upon my spiritual attitude.

On this site you can find information about trauma healing (Somatic Experiencing®), life coaching and psychosomatic therapy; my areas of interest. For more information you can contact me. Treatments take place at my practice in The Hague, by telephone or e-health consultation. Based on the principles of Integrative Medicine, I work together with other disciplines where appropriate or necessary.

I want to help you in the healing process using all my knowledge and experience.