Hans Samson

Together with those who remain stuck in their (often misunderstood) physical and psychological symptoms, we investigate what these complaints mean mentally, emotionally or spiritually. By listening to our body and mind we will find new ways to influence our complaints / impairments. We can translate these findings into our goals for therapy and coaching.

This positive and loving approach is based on my spiritual life attitude that supports me in all my therapeutic approaches. I know from my personal and long professional experience what the outcome of this process is, which still fascinates me.

Professional experience
Since my first encounter with the physiotherapy I became fascinated by the interaction between body and mind. After graduating in 1973 as a physiotherapist I therefore followed many other professional and supplementary courses and training.

The main ones being: post-academic specialization Psychosomatic Physiotherapy, Professional Coach, NLP workshops, Usui® and Tera Mai Reiki® Master, Theta Healing®, Nu-method®, MIR Method® Practitioner, EMDR, Heart Coherence, Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Biofeedback, Integral Somatic Psychotherapy and SATé®. In addition, I use the principles of the NARM® which assumes a relationship between the psychological and neurophysiological structures of ourselves as human beings and I use the Integral Somatic Psychotherapy Approach by Rajam Selvam.

For more than 35 years I worked in a (poly) clinical rehabilitation centre. I was captivated by the physical and mental resilience of a human, especially if he or she feels supported. For many years I was a teacher at the Academy of Physiotherapy in The Hague in various courses for nursing care and also active as a podiatrist and as a disabled sports coach.

I have my own practice since 1992, with the focus on psychosomatic (physical) therapy. Meanwhile, I extended this to the other areas mentioned in this site.

Curriculum vitae Hans Samson