Life coaching

Most of us have learned to make decisions with our mind. In today's society we are far away from our body and feelings. Unfortunately, we therefore lost our true nature. The question is whether we really are living towards our life goal. We can only live our true life from our heart. Our mind is just a helpful tool.

With life coaching I guide you on the path to your heart. Together we explore what you need to get the desired path of life, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By listening to your body and mind you get closer to yourself. You learn to appreciate, even to love yourself as you are and not from the perspective of others. You learn to make choices from your own heart.

My knowledge of trauma healing, psychosomatic therapy and complementary methods accompanies you during my coaching on your path. In all these areas I have many years of experience, both personally and professionally. We focus on your possibilities. This positive and loving approach is based on my spiritual attitude. I know from my personal experience and years of professional guiding what the effect of this can be and that fascinates me more than anything else.

It takes courage to choose this path. You will find that the journey from the head to the heart is intense and full of life lessons, that it soothes and brings more happiness, despite the sometimes painful confrontation with your own being and with others. It is worth it, because our true happiness can only be achieved from our heart.